Pre Purchase Building Inspections


Things to look for when doing building inspection

  1. Detect old damage and active termites.
  2. Gives you the element of risk of infestation.
  3. Gives you tips on reducing the chances of termite infestation.
  4. Gives us enough information to accurately quote you on a termite treatment and to use the most appropriate method.
  5. Most importantly, educates you about termites.
  6. Identifies species of termites.

A full timber pest inspection and a timber pest report is the starting point do decide what is required for effective termite control, wood decay management and borer control.

Termite Treatment after a Building Inspection has found Termites. A residual two step treatment around all structures coming up out of the ground of a building.

Trench around all piers and treat with Termidor.

Trench around sub floor foundations and treat with Termidor.

Do You Know The REAL Cost Of Termite Damage? 

It is estimated that in Australia, at least 32 percent of houses have a presence of termites ravenously eating away at their foundations…
This is a scary though for people in the housing market, especially when you consider that it means 1 in 3 homes is suffering a termite infestation…

Do You Need A Building Inspection?

Here at pro pest and termite management we conduct thorough examinations for both commercial and residential properties for both post and pre purchase inspections.
If you need a property inspection carried out please contact us for an obligation free chat about what is involved.